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AllReports Loader

Data can be easily loaded from QuickBooks® (Pro and Enterprise - desktop). A copy of the needed data is loaded into AllReports for processing so your original data will not be compromised or updated.

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The following reports can be processed by AllReports:

Modify Data

AllReports Edit

Submitter, employer and employee data can be edited in AllReports. New employees and their information can also be added as well as deleted. Any changes are saved to AllReports and no changes are passed back to the originating system.

Archive and Export

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Any report data (submitter, employer, employee) can be archived and restored for future reference. Data can also be exported to Excel or csv file formats.

The Granite Software Advantage - Licensing and Support

The mission of Granite Software is to offer a quality product with quality support while also offering good value. That's why we have a very simple license agreement. When you buy AllReports, you have purchased a site license. This means you can install it on several computers at the same physical address. You only have to buy additional licenses if you want to install AllReports at multiple physical addresses. There is no limit on the companies you can process, the dollar amount you can process or the number of employees you can process.

Granite's support team for AllReports are all Certified Pro Advisors with many years of accounting and payroll experience. This means we can not only help you with our products, we can also resolve issues surrounding your QuickBooks® software.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"Just a note to let you know how much AllReports - Colorado UITR software has affected our little company. We process payroll for approximately 20 companies. Some of those companies have up to 20 employees. I used to hate the end of the quarter... we pride ourselves on professionalism, but to prepare a clean, typed report took too much profit eating time. Now we can prepare an accurate, professional report in seconds. We have more then made up the small fee for the software in the saved man-hours and reduced mental anguish! I would strongly recommend this software to anyone who uses QuickBooks. It would be even more valuable to the non-accountant, sole-proprietor who is keeping track of their own books. The program genuinely runs itself. Thanks so much for a fine tool that is saving us money every time we use it!!!" Gayle-Loveland, CO

"Thanks for your great program! I used it with an employer who has employees in Missouri & Illinois, and it worked great." Beth - St. Louis, MO

"It's fantastic! Very easy to use and had the report done in NO time!!!!" Steve - Hillside, IL

"Once again, a big thanks for simplifying what used to be a real chore. In less than an hour I had my 495 W2s verified with the Social Security web site, corrected and loaded on a disk. This is our second year using this method of converting W2s to the IRS specifications. Your software was a wonderful find for our firm. The SUTA reporting has also increased our productivity at the end of each quarter." Lois - Hays, KS

"Your company certainly adds the personal touch and I appreciate that. Your software is great and has saved me loads of time. Thanks for all your help." Carole - Houston, TX

"Thank you so much for helping me with the 1099 filing. This was new to me and you have been of wonderful help to me!!" Barbara - Mokena, IL