Privacy Policy


We strongly believe in our customers’ right to privacy and collect as little data from you as is reasonably possible. We never sell, trade or give away any of your data.

Sales and Support

All personal information that is provided to us during the product sales process or technical support process is held in strict confidence. This includes your contact information as well as any data that you supply to us.


Our products only use the data they need for their specific function.These data are only stored locally for the length of time the product needs the data. The data each product needs is specified by the product so you know what data the product is using. No data is ever transferred to a remote server.

Certain products may require specialized technical support. In this case, data the product needs to function, may be requested by us. If that occurs, the following non-disclosure agreement is completed between granite and the customer for the specific data request.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Granite Software, Inc., a Colorado corporation (“Granite”), and the undersigned licensee of a Granite software product (“Customer”) enter into this Non-Disclosure Agreement as of the date set forth below.

Granite develops, distributes and supports software products into which Customer must load its own data files. In the event that Customer is unable to load its data files into software product, Granite may request that Customer upload its data files to Granite’s website via a secured login to enable Granite to determine, if possible, why the data files will not load onto the software product. In connection with such data files that Customer may upload to Granite’s website, Granite hereby agrees:

1) Granite shall not disclose to third parties any confidential information or data of the Customer which may be disclosed to Granite and shall limit access to such information or data to authorized employees of Granite.

The provisions of this Agreement shall not apply to information:

a: which was in the public domain or generally available to the trade prior to the undersigned’s provision thereof to Granite or which subsequently becomes part of the public domain or generally available to the trade by publication or otherwise except by Granite’ wrongful act; or

b. which Granite can show was in its possession prior to receipt thereof from Customer; or

c. which was received by the undersigned from a third party having no obligation of secrecy with respect thereto.

2) Granite shall not use Customer data files or any information contained therein for any purpose other than that set forth above.

3) All written and/or computer media formatted information provided to Granite by Customer shall be deleted from Granite’s files upon completion of the software product application. No copies of such data files will be retained by Granite.